About Us

My name is Rachel a.k.a. One Mama Reads Aloud. By day I work under some fancy manager title. (Intrigued right? I can't tell you due to a privacy contract I signed with the company I work for. This is also why I am only listing my first name.) By night, I am a mother who is passionate about collecting books, reading books, and reading aloud to my son. I am blogging to inspire others, but also as a journal to my future self, and to prove to my son that we didn't just sit around all day wasting our days away, but spent lots of quality time together.

My son is my read aloud audience. He just turned three, and loves to be read to. He has been read aloud to since before he was born. He loves to paint, loves the color blue, and is currently obsessed with trains. He also loves to go on adventures, and look for animal tracks in the forest with his Daddy.

You will see Daddy from time to time on this blog. He prefers to stay incognito, though he is our adventure leader, a most excellent cook, and sometimes will read a book or two aloud to our son.