Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quotes To Remember

So the holidays are officially over, and life is getting back to normal around here. I got a call about three o'clock yesterday afternoon to go and pick up my son from school, because he was running a temperature. So, needless to say, I was at home with him all day. I've got a million post running through my head, with lots of brilliant books to share, but I am going to keep it simple tonight.
I wanted to document for prosperity purposes a few quotes that I don't want to forget from my son's second year of life.
  • We are at the grocery store, and I am putting the groceries on the conveyor belt. All the sudden my son yells (loud) out of nowhere, "Mommy quick, grab onto my rescue rope." I turn to look, and he is throwing me the shopping carts seat belt strap. (By this time, he was able to unhook it himself.) Then he yells, "I have to save you from the crocodiles."
  •  We were getting ready to go to the store, so I popped into the bathroom. Daddy asks, "Where are you? Are you ready to go?" I answer back, "Give me a second, I am in the bathroom." I hear my son exclaim in a very worried voice, "Daddy, mommy is invisible." Hmmm, indeed. 

  • Right before Halloween, I was getting ready for work, and getting my son ready for school. One of the things I try to do is read my son a few stories before work. We had just finished reading Mercer Mayer's The Bravest Knight when my son looks at me and says, "Mommy, I have to make me an armour to protect me from scary children."
  • We were driving home after a day of adventuring up north, when my son says, "Mommy, look at that cloud in the sky." So I look and there is a huge cloud in the western sky. I asked him what it looked like. He is silent for a minute, then says, "It looks like a big lizard." I look at the cloud, and tell him that it does look like a big lizard. Then he says, "No mommy, it's a chameleon."
  • A few months back, I ask my son what he wants for Christmas. He says, "Mommy, I want toy trains and train tracks." I tell him he has to ask Santa, and that if he is a good boy, then maybe he will get trains for Christmas. He looks at me, then shouts with all his might, "SANTA, I WANT TOY TRAINS FOR CHRISTMAS."
Kids say the funniest things.


  1. Are the children scary at his school? ;o) Very, very cute!!!

  2. Danzel, Apparently he thinks so, he was only two at the time, and I thought all the children in his class were cute. Who knows?