Saturday, February 9, 2013

Goodbye Pluto....

R.I.P. Pluto... We will miss you so much....

Last night we lost our wonderful, beautiful dog. It was so very sad, and we haven't said anything to our son yet. (She has been an outside dog since our son was born because he is very allergic to dogs and cats.) How do you tell a three year old that dog has died? 

It was a tragic end to an already rough week.

We buried her at my mom and dad's last night under a star speckled sky. On our way over, we saw strange light floating in the sky, which we figured out were Chinese lanterns. Somebody had slowly release probably over forty lanterns into the night sky. It was beautiful, and although it had nothing to do with our beloved Pluto, it was a comforting sight in our time of sorrow. 

But, the sun still came up today, the sky, an azure blue dotted with cotton candy clouds. Life still goes on...

Pluto, I hope that you are now traveling, frolicking, and playing, pain free. We love you old girl. Rest in peace.

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