Sunday, May 5, 2013

Snowman in May....

Hello! I know that it's been awhile... Loads and loads of stress from work, personnel changes and such (still doing three jobs)... All I feel like doing when I get home is relaxing with my family. I'm also behind on my blog reading and commenting. So everyone that has stopped by to read and comment on my ramblings....I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I promise I will catch up.

My little guy is sick again... Which means we have spent this whole weekend inside. We relaxed on the couch all day yesterday. I think we watched more television yesterday than we had the whole month of April. At about 7:30 last night I hear a little voice ask, "Mama, I want to make a snowman."

My first reaction is to say no. It's May, it's ninety degrees outside... It's Arizona... Winter is over.... Who makes a snowman in May? I can think of a million excuses...Then I thought about it... My poor little guy was running a high fever all day, and he actually felt like doing something. He was really excited about this. So, I said okay.

"Mama, I want to make my snowman with buttons." So after cutting the body and finding the perfect paper for the background I pull the jar full of buttons out of the cabinet. This delights my son immensely, he loves my collection of buttons. I pour some in a glass bowl then hunt down the pipe cleaners for the arms.

"Mama, I want a blue hat and blue eyes." So, I cut a hat out of blue construction paper, and he picks his blue eyes from our collection of googly eyes. Now we are ready to assemble the snowman.

This is his project and his idea, not mine. He takes the bottom of the snowman, tips the glue to get it flowing.... after the glue starts to pool I say, "I think that is enough glue."

"No Mama, I need lots of glue." After that statement, I bit my lip and didn't say anything else. I just let him create. I helped him with the snowman's body placement, only because he asked. Otherwise, he did everything else. He even methodically put a dot of glue for each button placement down the snowman's body.

He was so proud of the finished product. He couldn't wait to show his dad who was at the grocery store when all this art making commenced. I'd like to think that it was more than an art project, it was an idea we made happen. It was a process, his process, and it was amazing to watch his idea transform into something concrete.

I love that childhood is magic, where a snowman can be made in May in Arizona in ninety degree weather. It was perfect.


  1. I think about snow in 90 degree weather, too. ;o)

    This is such a sweet post. LOVELY snowman!

  2. Danzel, Thanks so much! I think he did a great job, and it made him happy! (It makes me smile everytime I see it.) Have a wonderful day! Rachel