Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Read Aloud Challenge

Just a small sampling of books from our home library.
A daily read aloud can sometimes be a great challenge for me... Excuses could roll of my tounge like honey... I worked all day, I'm tired, my son is being naughty, there is a show on television I want to watch, there is laundry to do, dinner to make, a house to clean... Well, you get the picture. Reading aloud is a commitment that has so many rewards on so many different levels. I get to spend time snuggled up with my son after a long day of work reading a good book, taking a family trip in the comfort of our own living room. What more can I ask for? We have many interesting conversations about the things we read, and the pictures we see. Things from books become family jokes, like seeing a wild cat roam our neighborhood like the cat in Red Light, Green Light, or yelling "hello" to each other like Vanessa in Say Hello, Vanessa.
I try to find all kinds of books with many different subjects. I shop online, thrift stores and frequent libraries. We love vintage books, as well as new books. We fit in reading aloud anytime we can, in the morning before work, in the afternoon when we get home, and in the evening, and before bed. Sometimes my son wakes me up at two or three in the morning, he always asks, "mama, will you read me a story?" I almost always do. How could I not?
I believe in some way, reading to our children helps to shape their lives in a positive way. I just hope when I am long gone, my son will remember, and carry on the tradition.

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