Sunday, August 5, 2012

Big, Big, Train Book..aka Hop Aboard! Here We Go!

Richard Scarry's Hop Aboard! Here We Go!

I found Richard Scarry's Hop Aboard! Here We Go! book at a book sale a few months back, and when my son saw it, he immediately dubbed it his "big, big train book". He asks to read this book almost daily, and sometimes, two or three times at one sitting. Roger and his dog Flip are the featured main characters. They drive all types of cars, buses and trucks. They fly all different types of airplanes, aircraft and spacecraft. They drive all types of trains and locomotives including the Tom Thumb and the Lafayette. Then they sail the high seas in various ships and boats from a great Greek war ship to a submarine and last but not least, a large cabin cruiser.  

Reading Hop Aboard! Here We Go!

In the beginning of the book is a little poem:
“We go by car and we go by train,
We go by boat and we go by plane.
We go by land and sea and air,
We go, go, and go, from here to there.”
Who doesn't love Richard Scarry? This book has everything for the transportation loving child in your family. This is the first book we read this morning after getting out of bed. My son is obsessed with trains, hence, his nickname for this book.

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