Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Read It Again Mommy....

Once again the high in Phoenix was around eighty degrees... My heart says it's time for Christmas, but my mind says no, how could it be when I am still wearing shorts? Weather aside, I brought out all the Christmas books I have been gathering all year and placed them in bins around the living room. As I was sitting on the couch, my son was searching the bins, and came across a favorite from last year, Duck & Goose It's Time For Christmas by Tad Hills.

So I read it once, which lead to " Mommy, read it again." Which then lead to about fifteen re-reads.

Then after fifteen re-reads.... he decided we need to make snow angels in the "snow". (I promise you this was all his idea, and not staged for your blog entertainment. I was lucky to grab the camera just in time before he stopped.)

Then after making snow angels, we had a few more readings, in which many questions were asked...

"Mommy why is it snowing?"
"What's that goose doing on the hill?"
"Why is that snow castle doing there?"
"What is that bird and duck doing to the tree?"

I absolutely love the conversations that a book with beautiful pictures, and simple sentences will spark. I love that even though it's seventy five outside, we can still imagine the beauty of snow at Christmas time.

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