Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Oobleck

We love oobleck, so we decided to make it one of our simple Christmas activities. I know that some people have a problem with mess, I used to be one of those people! When we had our house built, I choose white carpet and flooring. (If I knew then what I know now!) After having my son, I realized, mess is a part of everyday life, and that if my son is not created a mess, he is not learning.

Here is a list of things you will need:

1. Large Bowl or Container
2. One16 oz Box of Cornstarch
3. Mint or Peppermint Flavoring (I only had mint.)
4. Food Coloring (We used green, you can use any color you want.)
5. Container with about 3/4 Cup Water (You may need more.)
6. Large Towel or Shower Curtain
7. Spoon
8. Toys (Optional)
9. Christmas Music (Optional, but highly recommended.)

Bedtime Reading Suggestion:

This book probably needs no introduction, but I want to tell you a secret, I just read it for the first time ever last Christmas. Happy Reading!

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