Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Is Here, Resolutions, and Thoughts

I can't believe winter is here and the new year is just a few days away. Where has this year gone? I can't believe that my son is three! How does this happen? One minute he is a tiny baby, the next, he is a thirty seven pound boy full of energy. He has his own ideas, likes, dislikes, and agenda.

I feel like I am missing so much because I have to work. I hate putting my son in school all day, but at this point and time we really have no choice. He has just transitioned into the three year old classroom, and I have noticed he is picking up some really bad habits (whining). This is frustrating, but we just have to teach him the right way to behave.

My son is starting to play a lot more by himself, I have mixed feelings about this. It's great because I get more done, but I miss that time with him. Maybe I am missing his dependence on me? Which is selfish, because I want my son to be independent.

There are some positive things. I have really noticed in the past few weeks, his language development has progressed in leaps and bounds. He is speaking full and complete sentences that strangers and other family members can understand. When people find out he just turned three, their eyes go wide, as they can't believe that he is only three. I feel embarrassed about this, though I know I shouldn't. He has always amazed  people with his language abilities. I give all the credit to reading aloud to him and talking to him just as if he were an adult.

Since the new year is upon us, I wanted to make a few resolutions. (I never make resolutions... I never keep them.) I wanted to record them here, as a reminder to myself to be a better person and a better mother.

Limit television watching to two hours a week.
Limit computer time.
Teach son how to read.
Do more art with my son.
Read two chapter books a week with my son.
Read more non-fiction books to my son.
Read one book a week for myself. (I only read 28 books in 2012. Must read more!)
Enjoy the small moments, and not stress over silly things.
Limit family sugar usage.
Cook more homemade meals.
Get us outside everyday.

The resolutions I have listed are doable. Limiting personal television time will give me more time to read for myself. I don't watch much anyway, and neither does my son. I am really excited about teaching my son to read. I am not sure how this is going to happen, but I'm sure it will happen as it's meant to.

Again I have no book to share with you, even though we are reading daily. We did go to the library today, and I started gathering up all the Christmas books to put away until next year. I guess putting away the Christmas books made me a little wistful, which resulted in this post.

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