Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This Family Cooks.. Moosewood's Creamy Potato Cabbage Soup

We love to cook, before our son came along, I was a vegetarian. Therefore, I have a ton of vegetarian cookbooks in my collection. Since my son has come along, I have turned back into an omnivore, and daddy does most of the cooking. 

In our family, since we cook, my son loves to help. We think that cooking is a life skill that is important for our son to learn. Even though he is two, he understands that the pot is hot, the stove can burn you, and that you have to be responsible when cooking. He helps to sort vegetables, add things to the pot such as vegetables or spices, and gets to stir whatever is cooking on the stove. He is always supervised, and we always remind him about kitchen safety. Sometimes he is not comfortable with stirring, so he will guide my hand while I stir whatever is in the pot.

From time to time, I will include some of the things we cook. One, because, I want to cook and eat more healthy, but two, I want to teach my son to cook and eat more healthy. I believe it is important to teach children that food doesn't really come from the freezer section of the grocery store, or from the local burger joint. That meat comes from animals, and fruits, vegetables, and grains come from the earth.

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