Saturday, December 8, 2012

Spontaneous Life....

Today was a busy Saturday, daddy was home, so did our weekly grocery shopping, plus we went to a few extra stores which took up most of our morning. Once we got home, it was time to rest, watch a Christmas show, and just spend time with each other.

The pictures in the collage above are from a walk we took last Saturday. The white in the cotton field is the only white we will be seeing in these parts unless we take a trip to the mountains, where it is suppose to snow tonight. We may go to the mountains in the morning, we may not. We are generally not planners, but live a spontaneous life. The only trip we have ever planned was a cruise to Mexico, which of course, you have to plan for.

We also didn't plan on a child, he just happened. Oh, and what a joy he is! I didn't plan on becoming obsessed with reading aloud to him, but I did, and it has been a wonderful adventure for both of us. Sometimes the most wonderful things in life aren't planned.

I think we spend to much time planning, instead of leaving our time open for spontaneity. To spend time with family, take a walk, read a story, do art, make a gift, or just talk to each other face to face. It disturbs me that we live in such a materialistic and selfish society.

How many children experience the joy of touching their first cotton plant? Or picking a flower? Or running through the grass barefoot, or making mud pies? How many children are read to? How many are missing out on the stories from the bible? Or the stories of our heritage? Or stories of fairies, gnomes and pixies that fill the imagination? Or fairy tales filled with giants and nursery rhymes where a cow can jump over the moon?

There is no harm in letting our children have these experiences. In fact, I believe that our society is suffering because our children are not having these experiences. So if nothing else this Christmas, give your child the gift of nature and read them a bedtime story. You never know, it could change your child's life forever.

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