Monday, December 3, 2012

Reading Through Christmas....

Day three into December, and around our house, we are reading tons of Christmas gems. We found this in our Advent mail box this afternoon. Upon finding it in the mail box, I have read it about ten times. It is a book about two little mice exploring the house on Christmas Eve after a visit from Santa Clause. It is a very simple book written and illustrated by Richard Scarry.

This book was published by Golden Press in 1965. If you have Richard Scarry's Christmas Mice, it is almost exactly the same book. I purchased the Christmas Present Book online, thinking that it was a new book we haven't read yet, but was surprised when I read it, to realize that it was the same as Christmas Mice. Since now, we have two copies, we will be gifting Christmas Mice to a family I know through work that just adopted a one year old last Friday.

When my son found Christmas Mice in my purse, he pulled it out and asked me about why it was in my purse. I explained to him that there was a little boy who had no books at home, and asked my son if we should give him a book to read. He replied with an excited yes! Then proceeded to ask if we could go see the little boy. I had to explain that we couldn't because he was getting used to his new mommy and daddy. So that satisfied him for now. I love how books can connect people in so many different ways. I hope that this book helps to connect a new family in some small way.

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  1. I did a post about Christmas Mice but I have never seen this version of it!