Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Mama It's Magical"

December is a really busy time for everyone, but it is especially busy for us as we have three children between my sister and I with birthdays this month. So the next few weeks are going to packed with family birthdays, gift making, family visits, the end of the year rush for work (did I have to even mention that word?), Christmas, and then New Year's. Then maybe I can take a deep breath, and relax, but until then, I am getting ready for the ride that is December.

With all that being said, tonight we were at my Mom and Dad's for my nephews 11th birthday. When we were getting ready to leave, my Mom had my brother turn on the Christmas lights that line the front porch of their house. When my son saw the lights, he told my Mom that he wanted to go see them. As he walked up the stairs of the porch, he shouted in an excited voice "mama, it's magical", and so it is.

I don't have a book review tonight, but two suggestions.

How could you not love Tasha Tudor? Clement Clarke Moore's, The Night Before Christmas, illustrated by Tasha Tudor is old fashioned, and magical at the same time.

We are in the middle of reading Miss Muffet's Christmas Party by Samuel McChord Crothers. All I can say is read it! Poor Miss Muffett is doomed to eat curds and whey for the rest of her life, morning, noon and night. Then on Christmas eve she is instructed by her very stern and economical mother to sit on her tuffet and spend Christmas day counting the seconds, leading up to the minutes, then the hours "to make the day go as far as possible."

Miss Muffet is then visited by a "elderly, benevolent spider" wearing green spectacles, who suggest that they have a literary party where they invite all the people they have read about. Let me tell you, this is magic. We are half way through this, and when we are done reading it aloud, I will read it again for myself. Where was this book when I was little???

This is available for free on Google Play, and for $ .99 on the Kindle. We love, love, love books. If I can't find the book, I look to the world of Kindle or Google Play which has many wonderful books that are out of print available for free, or for a very small price. To me the most important thing is reading the story to my son, and if I must resort to electronics to read it to him, then I must, because, how sad would it be for him to miss a most wonderful story because I can't find it in print? Or can't afford to pay $100.00 for a book?


  1. Wow those look like great books! I love your taste in children's books! Sorry for the deluge of comments, I am enjoying skimming through your blog!

  2. Leanne, Thank you for reading and commenting!