Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Giving the Gift of a Sunset

I love the sunsets here in Arizona, just beautiful, simple, and breathtaking. What better gift to give to your family than enjoying the magic of a sunset together? This is what we did for our Simple Christmas activity yesterday evening.

We went to a little park about three miles from our house at sunset, and watched the magic happen. While we were waiting, we saw these horse riders with a baby colt trotting behind. My son was excited to see the baby colt.

It seems that most of my book reviews have been Little Golden books, I promise, we own and have read many wonderful books, but these are the special ones I save for Christmas.

I found Jingle Bells by Kathleen N. Daly, Illustrated by J.P. Miller at the thrift store last year. It is a story that intertwines the lyrics of Jingle Bells throughout. Mama and Papa Bear and their two little bears go on a sleigh ride through the snow and pick up their animal friends on the way. As they are sledding along they sing the song Jingle Bells, until they run into Santa Claus walking along in the snow. His sled is out of commission due to his six reindeer catching a cold which resulted in their mother putting them to bed. So the Papa Bear invites him aboard his one horse open sleigh and Santa is able to deliver his presents after all.

J.P. Miller's illustrations are not to be missed. My copy is a 1964 edition, and I love this book as much now, as I did as a child. I love that books can bring back so many memories. Have you found a special book that has brought back wonderful memories?


  1. Too funny - I was going to blog about this book tomorrow too! I'm definitely adding you to my blogroll!

  2. Thanks Leanne! I really appreciate you adding my little ole blog to your blogroll! I love your blog, though it is dangerous, because it makes me want to go out and buy more books! (Which is a really good thing...)