Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Christmas Party

So it begins....We picked up my Grandfather from the airport tonight. We took him to my Mom and Dad's where we visited until about eight thirty, then headed home. My son has developed a really wickedly nasty cough, which means, I need to try and get him into the doctor. Tomorrow is my last day at work until next Thursday, where a mad rush to finish end of year will consume every last thing I do until I leave work next Friday night.

Enough about me... I want to share a most lovely book with you.

The Christmas Party by Adrienne Adams is a wonderful book about the Abbot family and their young son Orson Abbot who designs and paints Easter eggs. (They are also known as the Easter egg artists.) 

Orson is a little older now, and is admired by all the little rabbits who want to visit with him. The little rabbits stand waiting for him at his studio window, or are waiting for him at the bottom of his tree house. Finally one day, Orson asks the little rabbits why they are hanging around each other. One small rabbit answers that they would like to have a Christmas party as a surprise for their parents, and they want Orson to help. Surprise but doubtful, he decides to help the little rabbits.

He tells his parents about the party, and asks how he can get out of it. Orson is afraid he will end up doing all the work, but his parents say, that since he promised the little rabbits, that he must help. They begin the fun by finding a Christmas tree. Then after everyone helps to get it set up, Orson comes up with a brilliant idea of decorating it with Easter eggs.

After decorating the tree, they wrap presents. Then Orson decides he wants to be Santa for the party. At this point, he has taken responsibility for the Christmas party. Once he has his Santa suit and all the preparations for the party are ready, he tells the little rabbits to go home and tell their parents to get ready for a moonlight sleigh ride. 

As everyone comes sledding down the hills, Orson turns on the Christmas tree lights and all the little rabbits yell "Surprise! MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Needless to say the parents were indeed very surprised.

We love this story, and I especially love Adrienne Adam's illustrations. You can read more about the Abbots in The Easter Egg Artists. We have this book as well, but it is currently tucked away with all the Easter books.

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