Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa's Toy Shop

My son has been obsessed with trains as of late. For the last week, up until yesterday afternoon, the entire living room floor was full of trains and train tracks. Everywhere we happen upon a train, my son instantly tells me that he wants it. Which leads into the book of the day.

My son loves Walt Disney's Santa's Toy Shop adapted by Al Dempster, not only because the story contains trains..... Really, because it contains Santa and trains....

So Santa lives in the land of the north with Mrs. Santa Claus and his elves. While Mrs. Santa Claus is busy keeping house, Santa and his elves are hard at work all year building toys in his toy shop for Christmas. Since Santa is so very busy building toys, he is unable to take a day off to play with the toys he makes. Santa doesn't want to disappoint all the good little girls and boys. So he works all the way to Christmas Eve.

As he is leaving to deliver the toys he never got to try out on Christmas Eve, Mrs. Santa Claus whispers something into his ear. This cheers Santa up instantly. So off he goes to deliver the toys to all the good little girls and boys. At the last house instead of quickly leaving, he stays and you can probably guess what happens next, as I don't want to spoil the ending for you.

 The story was cute, and we love the illustrations. We love the vintage Golden Books. They just bring back so many memories for me. I just love sharing them with my son. Who knows? Maybe Santa will be bringing more trains to our house this year?


  1. That looks like a cute book! Love that you are reading an hour a day to your son - WOW!!

  2. Leanne, Thanks! I have read that book at least ten times this week. We love to read aloud in this house! I especially love to find vintage books that are out of print for said read alouds!